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Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Tue May 19, 2015 3:55 am
by Kojack
The movement is really annoying me. I've barely started the game and I'm already thinking about the next fight my level 19 characters are about to do in Divinity Original Sin.
When you let go of a movement key, Geralt takes around 1-1.5m to stop. It took several goes for me to get through a door, I was too far to the left, so I held right. Just as he lined up jogging kicked in, I quickly let go and he was too far to the right now. So I moved left and overshot again. You have to keep tapping movement rather than hold if you want accuracy (but slow).
Have you ever played Operation Flashpoint? Great game, but the movement felt horrible, a bad combination of laggy and awkard. That's what Witcher 3 is reminding me of.

Hopefully this isn't spoiling things.
The first tiny village you find is burned down. There's peasants standing around crying. In my typical RPG mind I assumed that npcs+village+traumatic event means quests and dialog. But no. None of the peasants would talk to me. Only the children have a talk option, and they have two alternating lines each (boy says "What?" and "Grrrr", girl makes a noise or says "Don't touch me"). I entered a house, a woman was crying over a corpse while a boy stood nearby watching. I walked over her husband's corpse (with collision detection, so I actually bumped up over him) and looted a cupboard. No reaction. I bumped into her, she walked out of the house complaining about someone she knew being a whore, leaving me (a looter) inside with her son and dead husband. I guess grief makes people act strangely. :)
I walked to my horse (which won't come to me when I use the horse summoning whistle). People started screaming. I ran back. A guy screamed, then had a talk option icon over his head! Yes, quest time! I talked to him. He says something like "Good day" in a happy voice, then started crying and ignored me.

Now I'm at a real town, hopefully it will let me do something.

I'm also going to have to turn down the graphics settings, it dropped to 37 fps inside of a house when I used Witcher vision (mode to find interactive objects).

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Tue May 19, 2015 5:54 am
by Kojack
I found the cause of the performance problems while in game: nvidia hairworks.
With it on, bad framerate. With it set to only Geralt, I was getting 60fps in dialog scenes when only the npc was on screen and 37-43 fps with only Geralt on screen, and 50-60 in general walking around. With hairworks off I get a solid 60fps all the time. It doesn't look any different to me either.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Tue May 19, 2015 9:21 am
by Klaim
Haha reminds me of when I was in high school and all these games released before anyone with a decent computer could play it.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sat May 30, 2015 9:24 pm
by Kojack
Soma's release date has been announced: September 22!
This is the new horror game from Frictional Games (makers of Penumbra and Amnesia, although I'm sure I've mentioned that many times already in this thread).

There's a new 12min long trailer of the game too:

Looking very cool. It's got a very strong System Shock feel (it appears to be what I was hoping Bioshock was going to be).

Hopefully the live action movie is still on track.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sun May 31, 2015 12:42 am
by Klaim
Watched it today too.
Waiting for the info see if I need a new computer to play it or not.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sun May 31, 2015 5:26 pm
by cybereality
@Kojack: Looks great, though I'm not sure I have the attention span for a 12 minute trailer.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sun May 31, 2015 8:45 pm
by Klaim
Well, it's a game about ambiance and mistery and scary things happening, so I think it's perfect to show what the hell this is about.
There are shorter trailers of the game from last year around by the way.
If it works well you will not be switching attention in the middle. I didn't so I think it works well. It didn't feel like 12 minutes at all.

I just wonder if they added new mechanics compated to Amnesia. So far only the context and kind of horror (existential horror) is different.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:10 pm
by Kojack
Looks like Rocksteady have screwed up the pc version of Batman Arkham Knight.
I decided to not buy it just yet because of the stupid number of different editions (with custom content only available for certain stores), I'd rather wait for a goty edition with all content. That seems to have saved me, the game is sounding pretty bad on pc.
It uses nvidia gameworks, which means AMD users are screwed (some getting below 5fps). But so are nvidia users, it's running bad across the board. It's also locked to 30fps max unless you edit the config files. There's memory leaks, crashes, freezes, framerate drops, corrupt game files and stuttering. ... dia-users/

68% of user reviews (out of over 2000) on the steam store page are negative.

It's a shame, Arkham Asylum was one of the best eyefinity games on my old Radeon 5870, it easily handled 5320x1050 and still looked good. :(

So it's back to Metro 2033 for me.

Or maybe I should start playing Bioshock Infinite, since I now work with one of it's developers. :)

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:27 pm
by Zonder
Kojack wrote: Or maybe I should start playing Bioshock Infinite, since I now work with one of it's developers. :)
I started that it looks good but it's not my type of game. I was enjoying running round the area when the game play kicked in that's when it went off lol.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2015 4:57 pm
by Klaim
I didn't get a PS4 yet so no Bloodborne yet and they just announced Dark Souls 3....

Looks like I'll make that PS4 profitable with only 2 games as they are enough to fill up all my gaming time...

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 4:13 am
by cybereality
Beat Watch Dogs. Liked it a lot.

Now playing Ep 2 of Life is Strange. So good. Simply amazing.

@Kojack: You should totally play Bioshock Infinite.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 4:44 am
by Kojack
Steam has pulled Arkham Knight from sale.
Green Man Gaming is going to offer refunds if it still doesn't work for people after the patch (whenever that patch is).

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:06 am
by Kojack
I've been playing Bioshock Infinite. As expected, the two gun limit is damn annoying. Unrealistic action shooters shouldn't have such a low weapon limit.

I also started on The Talos Principle. Interesting. Very nice looking game world with great detail even when extremely close to objects.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:29 pm
by Klaim
Talos Principle was very good and challenging fun. It's unperfect in some aspects but still very interesting.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:53 am
by Kojack
I finished Devil May Cry (the remake) for the third time, so I thought it's really about time I tried the original series. So last night I bought Devil May Cry 4 SE (with a 22% off voucher on GMG). I've only played a little bit (beat a boss and made it to a place with fireballs down hallways).

- works on windows 10
- xbox one controller works
- cool looking enemy design as far

- don't really like the human characters
- sword reving seems like a pointless mechanic. annoying action to boost the next 1-3 swings, but even a 3 charge reved sword on a beginner enemy makes little difference
- the way the sword is reved is stupid. twisting the handle doesn't twist the sword? That throttle looking hand guard should do the reving, like the trigger on the swords in attack on titan.
- controls are much more annoying than DMC. In DMC4, you need to press RB+back+Y to launch an enemy, or RB+sideways+A to dodge. In DMC, that's B for the first and either LB or RB for the second. Holding lock (RB) in DMC4 slows you down dramatically, but is needed for so many things. Pressing RB and using buttons like Y is uncomfortable on an xboxone controller, so I rebound lock to the RT. Helps, but still too many actions in use at once.
- The camera IS HORRIBLE. WTF? More than half of the game so far has the camera taken over and at stupid angles. I'm in a hallway with a fireball heading for me, I run at the exit beside me, the camera switches position and now my movement direction makes me run back into the hallway again. STOP IT! Even when not in a forced camera location, pressing the lockon button makes the camera move down so the enemy I locked on to is directly in front of me, blocked from view by my player mesh. I can't see what it's doing. ARGH!
- Why can I buy power ups out of order? Do I need them all? If I get Snatch 2, is there a point to getting Snatch 1? In DMC you had to unlock an ability before getting a more powerful version.

Even if I ignore the annoying controls, the camera is just unforgivable.
I'll keep at it, but the whole time I was playing I was wishing I was playing DMC remake instead.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 6:07 am
by Kojack
Ok, I meant Snatch 2 and 3, since Snatch 1 is a fixed skill you get.

I've played up to mission 8 so far (I've gone through the jungle). Three boss fights down (was the annoying room of flying swords a boss fight? Then 4).
The camera hasn't gotten better, still really crap.
The combat just doesn't feel good. I loaded up DMC and played bloody palace, so much more fun. Easier to move around, weapons feel more dangerous, faster attacks.

I'm not giving up, I'll finish it.
I almost want to get Vergil's Downfall for DMC, but I don't like Vergil. I don't want to pay money to play as a character I don't like.

There's probably fans everywhere who would want to hit me for saying this. :)

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:43 pm
by Kojack
Oh, and invisible walls EVERYWHERE! A 2m fence I need to get past and I can jump 10m in the air? Run through a laser trap instead of just jumping over!

I'm now on Mission 10.

I tried starting a new game with Lady/Trish instead of Nero/Dante. Very different. Lady has guns that actually do damage. Even in Mission 1 she can single shot a pack of enemies that Nero would take 6 or more sword hits each to kill. I stormed through the first part of the game up to the castle in no time, just canon shots everywhere. Only problem is that her power shot build up is interrupted if she moves or jumps, while Nero's continues.

Only 3 weeks until SOMA!

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:43 am
by Kojack
Downloading SOMA now!!!!!!
(Hope I'm not going to be disappointed)

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 2:07 pm
by Kojack
Still playing SOMA.
Pretty damn cool game.

It's a different kind of horror to Amnesia. Robots and mutants rather than supernatural.

The audio is great, very atmospheric and creepy as all hell.

There's no limited use resources, your flashlight never runs out (so no batteries or lantern oil to collect), healing is done in the environment, so no laudanum to collect either. In fact the inventory display is pretty much useless, the most objects I've ever held at once is 2 and you don't use the inventory display to use them.

I'm fighting the urge to get an Ogre viewer going (like I did for Amnesia A Machine For Pigs), at least until I finish the game. :)

If any company ever gets the rights to make a System Shock 3, I hope it's Frictional Games. Although SS3 would need combat, and so far Frictional haven't shown they can do that, but when it comes to disturbing scifi settings they are masters.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:54 am
by mkultra333
Not much time to program or play games for ages. It sucks.

Tried Batman Arkham Knight the other day. Since you can get a refund until the end of the year, I had nothing to lose. I have a pretty good graphics card now, and the recommended 8 gig ram, so the game had no excuses.

It was a mixed bad. It looked excellent and lush, detailed, like Arkham City. Going on foot was fine. But problems arose in the Batmobile, especially if it was a car chase, hitches every 5-15 seconds lasting anywhere from a fraction of a second to several seconds, which was not good. I was willing to live with it though because it was still, barely, playable, and the other parts of the game were fun. Although I found the ever increasing number of controls I was expected to remember off-putting and difficult.

But then I reached a fight-out in the tower at Central Station, this is reasonably early in the game. I'm not in any vehicle but I'm high up and have a long view of the city. As I turn, there are huge hitches every few seconds, lasting over 5 seconds. Often very long. Finally it just hangs.

At that point I decided to get a refund.

I'd love to give the game another go in a year or so if they sort out the bugs. But it's pretty awful that they even released it like this in the first place. Well, second place, since this is their first release after withdrawing it the first time around, when the performance was apparently even worse.

Gave Sleeping Dogs: Definitive addition a go. It was ok, but it looked a bit weak after having spent so much time with GTA V. The excessive use of cut-scenes really annoyed me, and for some reason you can't look up, which makes just viewing your surroundings less fun. It crashed at one point, and I just can't be bothered going back again.

I think I'm getting crankier and harder to please as far as video games go.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:49 am
by Kojack
It's a shame they still haven't fixed the Batman.

Arkham Asylum was great (I could even run it at 5320x1050 triple monitor on a radeon 5870).
Arkham City was great.
Then they went down hill.

I can imagine Sleeping Dogs doesn't look that impressive after playing GTA V. But the melee combat is vastly better. The free dlc (with the special edition) is great too. The Enter The Dragon spoof was awesome.
But it's not that bad when you consider it was originally developed as a sequel to True Crime New York City.

Wow, I finished SOMA so long ago.
Awesome game.

I got into Stalker Lost Alpha.
This was going to be an official commercial title where a team worked with GSC World to add a heap of original design and dropped content back into Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl. Some is cleaned up alpha content, some was recreated by hand from just promo screenshots. But somebody leaked the game before it's release, so GSC dumped the project. The dev team released the game for free, since they couldn't sell it. (Legality sounds questionable, but GSC World still host the Lost Alpha forum so they don't seem to mind)
It's MASSIVE. So much extra content. It feels bigger than Shadows Of Chernobyl, Clear Sky and Call Of Pripyat combined. Some bits are near identical to the originals, other parts are changed. The game is so big you almost need the added vehicles just to travel.
It's got downsides though. AI is very broken at times. A lot of the new massive areas are empty of interesting things (great to look at, but no mutants/enemies/anomalies). Quests involve a huge amount of back tracking, back back tracking and back back back tracking. Guns feel off.
I hacked the ini files to make my character run 3 times faster than normal and jump 5+metres in the air, and I still got bored of the long running. I never thought I'd reach the point of "I've played enough Stalker", but I think I now have.
Still an amazing effort.

After so much Stalker (running around a radioactive wasteland), I got Fallout 4 (running around a radioactive wasteland).
The interface on PC is horrible. So many bad design decisions (and outright bugs).
The game itself seems fine, it's mainly just the UI and input that sucks. It's like the Skyrim UI but worse.

I also got back into Prison Architect for a bit. It gives me lots of ideas for my AI frameworks.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 1:53 pm
by mkultra333
Arkham Asylum was great (I could even run it at 5320x1050 triple monitor on a radeon 5870).
Arkham City was great.
Then they went down hill.
Yeah, I really liked Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City was even better. I've heard good things about Arkham Origins so I might give that a go. (Edit: Just saw another review that said it was ok but a bit "meh") I tried to replay Arkham Asylum the other day (after giving up on Arkham Knight) but its graphics were too dated now, which makes me feel very superficial. Probably just that I remember how much better Arkham City looked, plus it was more open world.

When Arkham Knight wasn't having horrible hitching problems, it was really fun and looked excellent, so I do hope they can fix it somehow. I hear if you have 16gb ram and everything on SSD it's ok. Alas, my computer only has a small SSD so all the games go on a large non-ssd drive.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:56 am
by cybereality
I've turned to the dark side. I got a PS4. It's actually pretty cool.

I was surprised how good the graphics were, knowing what kind of PC it would be equivalent to.

Played Until Dawn, really good campy horror movie style game. It's sort of like an interactive movie, but you can make choices and it effects the game. Really cool concept.

Now playing Killzone Shadowfall, which I really like. Graphics are great, and I love the sort of guided first-person shooter games.

Still love the options on PCs (3D glasses, triple-head monitors, VR, etc.) but there is something to be said for the polished experience on the console.

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 3:53 am
by Kojack
I've started playing Lords Of The Fallen (thanks Steve!).

Very much a Dark Souls clone, but that's not a bad thing, just think of all the RTS games that copy the standard set by games like Dune 2 and C&C.

It definitely looks nice. Graphics are great, monsters are unique, environments are detailed.

It's weird that most enemies so far are blind. Sneak up and bash them before they notice you.

Weapons feel heavy, which is good. But they are also very slow.

Input is a little annoying. I'm using an xbone controller on pc. There are two control schemes available for it, no customisation. One scheme is annoying, it puts multiple actions on each button (such as press x to cycle potions, hold x to drink). The other one is better in every way except it lacks the cycle weapon option! You can cycle between weapons tagged as favourites, but only in one of the control schemes. WTF? So I have to keep going to the inventory to change weapons. At least the game pauses during that.

The xp system works very much like Dark Souls, but even more brutal. Just like DS, you earn xp (souls in DS) by killing things. You can spend xp to raise attributes, or keep it on you. The reason to keep it is that the more xp you have on you, the greater the chance of better loot dropping.
If you die, your xp is left behind on the ground and you need to get back to collect it. But here's how it's more brutal than DS: the xp has a time limit! It leaks away until none is left. You lose 1% every couple of seconds.
There are checkpoints that work like DS bonfires. Using them refills your potions, heals you and sets your respawn point. Using them doesn't respawn enemies (enemies respawn when you die or re-enter an zone), but it does reset your xp bonus. The more enemies you kill without using a checkpoint, the greater the xp bonus you get per kill.

I've had the game crash twice so far. Once the first time I ran it, during the initial loading. Then again while playing.

I don't know if I'm liking this more or less than Dark Souls. It looks way better at least. Should keep me busy (for a short while at least) while waiting for DS3.

Other games I've been playing:
- way more Fallout 4 (214 hours so far)
- Deponia (liking it, but the long comedic voice responses to certain actions gets annoying when they repeat over and over as you try combinations)
- Starbound (haven't played much, just a tiny bit)
- Pillars of Eternity (not getting into it. The story seems interesting, but the mechanics and especially combat aren't as good as Divinity Original Sin)

Re: What game are you playing now?

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:09 pm
by Kojack
I'm now level 40 in Lords Of The Fallen and I've killed 4 bosses. I've only just now found the blacksmith to upgrade my weapons.

Shield enemies are really annoying. The unshielded ones are fun to fight, the shielded ones not so much.
I'm now doing most combat using the ram spell rather than hand to hand. It spawns a fiery ghost thing that runs (with path finding) forwards for a reasonable distance. Anything it runs into gets hammered with large damage (weaker enemies one shotted, and it can hit multiple targets). I can fire it around corners. Long recharge time though. Even strong enemies can be taken out with 3-4 shots (although some enemies heal faster than I can recharge the spell).