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When you move your Visual Studio projects to cross-platform

Posted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:38 pm
by hydexon
Hello, i'm quite new at build systems and IDE interoperability, the thing is it, i hope i post in the correct place.

I was developing my game engine in OGRE first in Visual Studio 2012, but we was hoping to develop an Linux version on it (uses no Windows-specific code, completely free Win32API and CLI), but we have a lot of troubles when was porting to Qt Creator IDE's via CMake's Project Generator, mostly by "missing headers", due the Visual C++'s Precompiled headers.

I wan't to avoid this, but i like to develop in Visual Studio 2012 by their IntelliSense capabilities (i depend a lot of it), and my team likes use Linux with Qt Creator and Code::Blocks, and we can have any solution of this?, correctly with CMake? also when dealing with third-party libraries as Qt, Hydrax, SkyX, and other libraries, thanks very much.

Re: When you move your Visual Studio projects to cross-platf

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:11 am
We develop our project in NetBeans on both Windows and Linux. We use GCC on both platforms, but you can also use NetBeans with the MSVC compiler.

The auto completion of NetBeans in C++ is even partly better than that of Visual Studio (faster, breaks less often, great display of documentation and arguments,...). And partly it is worse (I found it has problems with some templates, but we avoid those anyway. Nasty things.).