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Shader source

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Quick question, once I have access to the HLSL/GLSL files of a program, I can see the way things are done correct, is there any way the shader code can be hidden/obfuscated by an author?

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Re: Shader source

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1) ... +media+zip
2)you can export your shaders to c++ strings declerations, link it with your project and load them programmatically from string using GpuProgramManager::loadFromString
afaik there is no tool to automate this, so it has to be done manually, but i did'nt dig the forum....

anyway it should'nt be too hard to write an shaders->sourceCode automation tool
ideally for supplying smooth resourceManager integration, you would also need to hook up with resourceManager and add a new dataStream/archive type that will map shaders to your c++ shader strings
alternativily you can just add the shader loading code using the export tool you write

both methods still would'nt protect your shaders from "hackers", so if you have million dollar shaders code search on...
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