Can not control Samplebrowser in iphone

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Can not control Samplebrowser in iphone

Post by Whisperd130 »

Ogre Version: :1.12.8:
Operating System: :macos 10.15.3:
XCODE Version: :11.3.1:
Render System: :GLES2:

After building up Samplebrowser by Xcode and set up in my iphone, I can not control it.

Once I have using brew to install sdl2.
But Xcode always check function __builtin_ia32_emms(). I searched about it and result that it should be using in x86 system where my architecture is armv7.

And then I download SDL2-2.0.12 to build it by myself, but it gets error in CMAKE-gui.

What should I do next?


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Re: Can not control Samplebrowser in iphone

Post by paroj »

input handling was never implemented for iOS, so you got as far as it gets.

Personally, would use native events instead of SDL2 - just as we do on Android: ... id.cpp#L44

this gives you the most flexibility regarding gestures.

If you want to use SDL2, you should rather start with a simple SDL2 only project and only integrate it with Ogre afterwards. Brew does not help you here as it works only for the host.

Whatever you choose, please create a PR once you get something working.

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