"Segmentation Fault" error integrating bulletphysics library with ogre3d

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"Segmentation Fault" error integrating bulletphysics library with ogre3d

Post by wil92 »

Ogre Version: 13.1.1
Operating System: linux (ubuntu)
Render System: opengl

After a couple of days trying to integrate bulletphysics with ogre3d, I'm facing a problem that I wasn't able to find any solution here in the old questions.

The error is the following:

Code: Select all

XFilterEvent 0x00007f631b811e79
<unknown> 0x00007f631b66c5bb
<unknown> 0x00007f631b66df3c
<unknown> 0x00007f631b5cd970
<unknown> 0x00007f631b5cd9bd
OgreBites::ApplicationContextSDL::pollEvents 0x00007f631c7b2d18
OgreBites::ApplicationContextBase::frameStarted OgreApplicationContextBase.h:123
Ogre::Root::_fireFrameStarted 0x00007f631c1cb63d
Ogre::Root::_fireFrameStarted 0x00007f631c1cee09
Ogre::Root::renderOneFrame 0x00007f631c1cef7d
Ogre::Root::startRendering 0x00007f631c1cefe8
main main.cpp:11
__libc_start_main 0x00007f631bb10565
_start 0x000055f29b1677be

SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault)
The issue is basically that, when I try to create the basic structure needed by the bulletphysics library (btDiscreteDynamicsWorld, tankBody, etc), ogre stop working and I got this "Segmentation fault"
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Re: "Segmentation Fault" error integrating bulletphysics library with ogre3d

Post by sercero »

You will have to show us how you are initializing and using bullet physics.

Have you read something on how to integrate OGRE and bullet?

There is a document in the old bullet wiki on how to create a game loop that integrates bullet into your project.
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