Zero sized texture surface?

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Zero sized texture surface?

Post by Firefly » Sat Mar 03, 2012 11:42 pm

Aaaand when I start up a game of mine using OpenGL due to the fact my comp can't handle Direct3D9, I get this:

OGRE EXCPETION:(3:RenderingAPIException): Zero sized texture surface on texture TahomaTexture face 0 mipmap 0. Probably, the GL driver refused to create the texture. in GLTexture::_createSurfaceList at ..\src\OgreGLTexture.cpp (line 394)

Any help here?

My apologies if something like this is already up.
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Re: Zero sized texture surface?

Post by johnhpus » Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:31 am

This may be relevant ... 17&start=0
As it says, GL refused to create the texture, which suggests out of RAM conditions or driver problems.

What chipset are you using, and are your drivers up to date? If you're running Windows and an embedded Intel or something, you might have more luck with DirectX than GL.
So... are your drivers up to date? You said that your card can't handle Direct3D9, which makes it sound like quite an old card. Does it have a small amount of memory?

Have you tried running the precompiled samples?
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