[Solved] 1.11.5 to 1.12.0 robot animation

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[Solved] 1.11.5 to 1.12.0 robot animation

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Ogre Version: 1.12.0 :?:
Operating System: windows 10 :?:
Render System: opengl :?:

I am using the robot mesh that comes with Ogre. In my code I create robots. The following code throws an ItemIdentityException since upgrading to 1.12.0. Nothing shows up in Ogre.log about the exception. The program exits after executing a catch statement in the main loop. This is how I determined it was an ItemIdentityException. Then I stepped through the robot creation code until I found the offending code.

Code: Select all

				Ogre::AnimationState *mAnimationState = mEntity->getAnimationState("Idle");
Just changed to 1.11.5 release and I am getting the same error. I never used 1.11.5 release and instead had a clone at the time. Nothing in my create robot code has changed recently, only the Ogre version I am compiling against.

I looked at the Ogre.log file again this morning and noticed missing .skeleton file for robot mesh which disabled animation. I had recently stopped loading the resources that come with Ogre and started using my own resource path.

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