[Solved:] Can't seem to move mouse pointer.

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[Solved:] Can't seem to move mouse pointer.

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Ogre Version: 1.11.5
Operating System: Linux, Debian 9
Render System: GL, GL3

I just tried to build OGRE 1.11.5 on my Debian / Stretch computer, and found that there were no compile errors, but that once I got the SampleBrowser to run, its own mouse-pointer remained stuck in the upper-left corner of the window. My real mouse and keyboard have no effect on the application. But otherwise, the sample browser seemed to have no complaints.

I tried to compile OGRE 1.10.12 as well, but obtained identical results.

I also find it odd that the CMake utility does not want to link with OIS, which I have installed, and which once handled Input of all kinds. There's no mention of any dependency on OIS.

OIS version: 1.3.0

What can be done to correct this problem?

Edit: How silly of me. The instructions at the beginning of the OGRE Web-site on how to build have changed, since the old days when I was compiling OGRE. Apparently, we now need to have libsdl2-dev, in order for the sample browser to receive input.

I'm in the process of recompiling.

Edit: Surely enough, the problem has gone away, as soon as I've installed the development packages / header files for SDL. Sorry to have wasted a question.


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