In general problems with [1.12.0]

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In general problems with [1.12.0]

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Ogre Version: 1.12.0
Operating System: Win10
Render System: DX9/DX11


I migrated two applications from Ogre 1.11.5 to 1.12.0. While one application runs normal and as expected with the new version, but the other has a lot of problems.

- DX9 results was only grey scaled (but could be fixed with viewtopic.php?f=2&t=95029)

- When loading a model, at one point a texture creation failed. With DX9 the directx call for texture creating failed and with DX11 the resize of a local std::vector gave a std::bad_alloc. In both cases the systems said that I have to less memory (but I hade enough). The texture had a size of 4096x4096. When changing to 2048*2048 it works. But I don't understand the reason for this behaviour. E.g. I don't think the vector resize is really the problem So in my opinion the problem is somewhere else. And with 1.11.5 it works very well also with the 4096x4096 texture.

- I use MyGUI and and my widgets are not visible when using the DX9 renderer. Same code with 1.11.5 works fine.

Does anyone else have similar problems with the 1.12.0 (or others)?



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