How to install Ogre 3D on Windows Code::Blocks?

Problems building or running the engine, queries about how to use features etc.
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How to install Ogre 3D on Windows Code::Blocks?

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Ogre Version: none
Operating System: Windows 8.1
Render System: none

I cannot install any version of Visual Studio for some reason, I get tons of errors and my Windows 8.1 is apparently not supported by VS 2019. It's not a problem, there are plenty of IDE's for C++. I decided to go for Code::Blocks but the issue I am having is that there is no tutorial on how to actually link everything (Ogre3D library) together in Code::Blocks! Does ANYONE know ANY way to install Ogre 3D on Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 in Code::Blocks or another IDE that is not VS??

All tutorials I find are 10 years old. 10 YEARS! I can barely make out what the text is on the screen, much less find the same settings or files since programs and Ogre 3D has evovled and devoloped. Ergo why I ask: How do you install Ogre3d on Windows in Code::Blocks? (or an IDE that is not VS, but preferably Code::Blocks)

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Re: How to install Ogre 3D on Windows Code::Blocks?

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What version of Ogre3D are you tring to compile?

I managed to compile Ogre3D version 1.8.1 on Windows 8.1 which is the version I have been using for some time.

I had some problems due to the fact that the DirectX SDK does not install anymore and you have to use the WindowsSDK.

I think that the newer versions of Ogre3D have scripts that make them easier to compile.

But mostly what is recommended is that you install Code::Blocks wihouth the bundled compiler and then fetch mingw on your own so you get a newer version.

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