Python Bindings Won't Install Properly

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Python Bindings Won't Install Properly

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Ogre Version: 1.12
Operating System: Ubuntu 18.04

I'm trying to use Ogre with Python bindings in Python 3.6. However, the bindings are not working properly, and if I try to import Ogre I get

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ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'Ogre'
It seems very similar to this issue. However, I've checked that I have swig installed and that cmake is detecting it, and it is. However, the files listed in that post don't show up. I've set PythonInterp to look for Python3 (by setting PYTHON_EXECUTABLE), so while that was an issue before it should not be the issue now. If I grep for "python" in the Ogre build folder, all of the hits that come up are Python3.6. I can't find anything to indicate why those files don't exist. Does anyone have suggestions? Thank you.

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