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Material creation during runtime

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 3:47 pm
by dragostej
Ogre Version: :?: 1.11.6
Operating System: :?: Win 10
Render System: :?: Directx 11

Hello guys,

Recently i have ported my app from DirectX9 to DirectX11, where the RTSS is new for me and i ran into some issues.
The RTSS works fine but some time i got errors.

Before the porting i used the following code, to create and edit materials during runtime:

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Ogre::MaterialPtr origMat = Ogre::MaterialManager::getSingletonPtr()->getByName( fullName );
Ogre::MaterialPtr copyMat = Ogre::MaterialManager::getSingletonPtr()->createOrRetrieve( copyName, group ).first.staticCast<Ogre::Material>();

But actually after the porting a always got crash when i want to render objects with copyMat materials in void ShaderGenerator::SGTechnique::buildTargetRenderState() function in that call: mat->getNumTechniques();

I could figure out that it was because of copyDetailsTo function. But i dont know the exact reason.
I solve the problem by the following code:

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Ogre::MaterialPtr copyMat = Ogre::MaterialManager::getSingletonPtr()->getByName(copyName);
	if (copyMat.isNull())
		copyMat = origMat->clone(copyName, true, group);
		Ogre::MaterialManager::getSingletonPtr()->remove(copyName, group);
		copyMat = origMat->clone(copyName, true, group);
Could you guys tell me what is the exact problem of the crash described above, and what are the possible solutions? My solution could work?

Re: Material creation during runtime

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 4:51 pm
by paroj
you probably need to also use this: ... 72ae2aa1e3

Re: Material creation during runtime

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2021 8:45 pm
by dragostej
Thank you some much!

Cloning materials works fine, but in some parts of my code, i cant use cloning because i want to edit my materials without deleting the existing one.
I could figure out that in my original code

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copyDetailsTo function is copying technique(s) from origMat to copyMat, but actually it is deleting everything from the destination material first, thus it is deleting RTSS generated codes from copyMat, i think thats why i got error.

How can i preserve the original state of copyMat and just "update" values from origMat to copyMat.
Is there any idea for that?

One more thing, can i think right, that if i using RTSS i have to call ShaderGenerator::invalidateMaterial() function always if i edit material during runtime?