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Resolving Shadows Issues in Emscripten Builds

Post by Cyberix3D »

Ogre Version: :13.6.1:
Operating System: :linux/windows:
Render System: :emscripten:

I am currently experiencing an issue with the shadows after building for emscripten.
The build was successful upon running the following commands:

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emcmake cmake .. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
emmake make

However, the shadows are not displaying correctly and are appearing duplicated and flickering.

A demonstration of the issue can be found at this link:
Could anyone assist me in understanding if there are additional parameters that need to be added to the build process to correct this issue?

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Re: Resolving Shadows Issues in Emscripten Builds

Post by paroj »

the issue is that clamp to border is not available on WebGL1 and the shadow texture is simply repeated.
This should fix the issue:

Alternatively, consider switching to WebGL2

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