Porting Ogre3D to Marmalade platform

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Evandro Millian
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Porting Ogre3D to Marmalade platform

Post by Evandro Millian »

Hi people.

I'm working in a port of Ogre3D to Marmalade platform (http://www.madewithmarmalade.com). It's a platform that allows writing once and deploy the application for all mobile platforms with one click. The platform handling file access, sensors, OpenGL ES versions and many other features. You can also create applications with standard C++ APIs, and there are many ports of libraries available.

In this moment, I'm working in support for Tegra 2 and ImgTec APIs, in addition of iOS (that Ogre already supports).

Everybody can follow the status of the port in https://bitbucket.org/evandromillian/og ... -marmalade.

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Re: Porting Ogre3D to Marmalade platform

Post by dozent »

Thank you for you work.
I have a question. How right use your extension? I compile it and have errors. I fix it but can't all fix. Now My app crash on lines OgreGLES2RenderSystem.cpp:

Code: Select all

                GLSLESLinkProgram* linkProgram = GLSLESLinkProgramManager::getSingleton().getActiveLinkProgram();
				if (!linkProgram->isAttributeValid(sem, elem->getIndex()))
linkProgram is empty. I see that empty is mVertexProgram, mFragmentProgram end some other.
Maybe you can get some example of project? I want use ogre on iOS and android.

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