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I hosted some pre-built iOS MyGUI...

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:09 am
by simedj ... VJobHYxMTg

No idea if this is the best forum section, but I built Ogre 1.8.2 and MyGUI 3.2 against iOS and thought they might be useful to someone else. The link should be publicly accessible. I had one person test it and they seemed to be good but if you use them please report back. I do not know if you can use my MyGUI against the official Ogre SDKs ( so if anyone wants to let us know, please do - that might be neat since MyGUI is the awkward one.

Dependencies are not included, but can be got here: ... s-mac/1.8/

Re: I hosted some pre-built iOS MyGUI...

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 1:25 am
by DanielSefton
How are you managing with iOS and MyGUI? It was unusable for me because of these problems: ... 17&t=14690

Re: I hosted some pre-built iOS MyGUI...

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:15 am
by simedj
I've seen people report similar problems but here are my experiences:
DanielSefton wrote:Input is offset on iPhone 4, I have to tap below buttons to get them to press
I never saw this issue. I have had problems where the view orientation in the device didn't seem to match Ogre's expectation, but it sounds like your view is maybe moved/resized perhaps?
Since I have to move the MyGUI cursor to the tap position, then the button will remain in an active state until you tap elsewhere
This is the most common problem people seem to make but it was easy to fix ... I simply make sure to inject a mouse-position event into MyGUI before injecting the mouse-button event. e.g. I call MyGUI::InputManager::injectMouseMove() and MyGUI::InputManager::injectMousePress() together in the touch event handler... seems to work just fine.
[*]If I create a MyGUI widget, sometimes the whole viewport gets squashed into the bottom left hand corner of the screen[/*]
[*]ImageBox doesn't work on iPhone, the image doesn't show when calling setImageTexture(). It shows fine on mac.[/*]
[*]On devices with a resolution of 960x480, Ogre uses a content scaling factor of 2x (check out the GLES render systems). It would be nice if MyGUI upscaled using Ogre's contentScalingFactor, because right now everything is tiny on 4th gen devices.[/*]
I haven't seen those issues myself - for one thing I am only testing on iPad 2 which hasn't got retina display. But I am using quite a few widgets including more advanced ones like Canvas and ImageBox (for rendering multiple viewports to these widgets using RTT) and they generally work pretty good.