[Solved]Touch Input Not Working In Ios Templete?

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[Solved]Touch Input Not Working In Ios Templete?

Post by sudarshan_cfg » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:27 am

I created an ios ogre application using the template provided.
It compiles properly and the Ogre head is displayed.

If i put a breakPoint Inside TouchMoved Function in OgreFrameWork.cpp , it gets activated if i touch and move inside the app.
But TouchPressed,Released and Cancelled are not.
Is Touch Pressed , released and cancelled Working for you guys?

Ogre Version: 1.8.1 ios
Xcode Version : 4.5.2
Target: Ipad 6.0 Simulator

Edit: Problem was Solved.
Functions are working fine.Problem with debugger settings in xcode with breakpoints.

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