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ogre and addons with msvc2015 cross-compile tool?

Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 9:25 pm
by frostbyte
hi did any one had luck with msvc2015 cross compile tool for ios,android? ... 40%29.aspx
i was thinking of just opening my many msvc2010 projects in msvc2015 press some buttons and let the magic happen...
i'm wondering if i'm too optemistic and if it's a better idea just to write cmake scripts and an orgenized build system( oh... the lazyness... )
any comment on this is appreciated....

Re: ogre and addons with msvc2015 cross-compile tool?

Posted: Fri May 29, 2015 8:48 am
by brainsandwich
Never tried cross-compile tools of MSVC.
I think it's not sufficient to just target ARM (or other Android device) processors, the process has to create a signed APK with Java manifests ...
But maybe MSVC 2015 does that automagically :)
I'd love to hear more about your investigations on this !

Re: ogre and addons with msvc2015 cross-compile tool?

Posted: Fri May 29, 2015 10:06 am
by frostbyte
currently this thread is my invetigation :wink:

don't have enough space for msvc2015 on my drive...dont think i can install on external drive...
hard to believe anyone here tried it since its sort of new...but who harm in asking...

my spider sense tells me that good old proper cmake is a better choise, but i'm a noob on cmake...

regarding msvc cross compile-
i think they are sending jobs to native-compilers for each platform( ndk, xcode clang etc...) they even require to install java/connect to a mac with xcode...
so signing apps should'nt be a problem, and anyway i just need to compile some libs( so many small sub-projects and addons... )

i'm realy curious did MS did something right here? this could be a game changer...
hmmm...i'll have to try it sometime...damm multi-partititioned-small hard-drives....
anyhow thanks for your comment :)

Re: ogre and addons with msvc2015 cross-compile tool?

Posted: Fri May 29, 2015 11:01 am
by brainsandwich
Nice, keep this up :)

Yeah MS radically changed their policy regarding "opensourcing" and platform support (like win10 on raspberry
They even have a version of MSVC for Linux and Mac now : (!!!) (it's not for C/C++ compilation though, but still an awesome move)
If the platform support gets better and better they really could be a change the face of programming -- of Apple's "it's our property !" motto.

Re: ogre and addons with msvc2015 cross-compile tool?

Posted: Sat May 30, 2015 3:50 am
by frostbyte
reporting back:
after downloading and installing the msvc2015 beast to a weak lappy just for testing( takes a few hours and ~15GB )
and after playing a bit with samples( 5 minutes )
i'm glad to say, i feel that the future is here...good times ahead for cross-platform c++ libs and devs... :P

While not yet functional to ogre and other cmake based projects ( )
and while it's still in a very early stage and a few target templates are missing( linux,emscripten,osx? )
msvc2015 looks very promising...

Once target projects are set up with shared references to the code your'e just one click from a Build'em All scenario.
Coupled with nuGet packages, emphasis on team-dev and a fast snappy IDE with good looking's a sure winner...

Alas, no automagic "convert my msvc2010 to cross platform" button, i'm gonna have to write them boring cmake scripts anyway...
i can create multiple projects with cross references, but that would take me about the same time and would result in a total mess...
but never mind my small pathetic problems , msvc2015 is the real deal 8)