[Android] Recursive APKFileSystem resource group

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[Android] Recursive APKFileSystem resource group

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Looking at the Ogre::APKFileSystemArchive implementation (mainly the 'ParseFolder' function) and after trying to port an application, it seems like it doesn't support recursive ResourceLocations as on Linux or iOS, right? (as it parses only the files inner the directory received).

If so, some comment on the class regarding that limitation should be very useful for those porting to Android (sorry if already there's a comment somewhere and I missed it).

Finally, what's the best to do: manually add each subdirectory as a resource (should be a pain on some projects)? Or the OgreAPKZipArchive support recursive inner folders (with the cost of unzipping it)?

My fault: it seems that I was adding the resource location with a trail '/' (ie: "models/"), breaking the parser of APKFileSystemArchive. Now, it's defined recursively. One problem through: at my call to initializeAllResources, it won't parse the materials inside subfolders (as it doesn't know about the inner folders yet), resulting that none of my models materials are loaded (anyway, I can fix that setting all materials on a single folder, without subfolders or somethng like that).

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