Google Play (Libpng Vulnerability) HELP + REWARD

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Google Play (Libpng Vulnerability) HELP + REWARD

Post by Eric_Davis » Wed Mar 06, 2019 12:48 am

Hi Guys!

I work on a Windows 7 64-bit PC. I created a simple application for Android using Eclipse and Gamekit = (Blender + Ogre), the APK was created correctly and works great when I run it on my smartphone. But when
upload to google play I get the vulnerability warning Libpn:

"This information is intended for application developers using any version of the libpng library, which contains a security vulnerability
disclosed in CVE-2015-8540. Applications with vulnerabilities like this may expose users to compromise risks and may be considered a violation of our malicious behavior policy.

Migrate your application (s) to libpng v1.0.66, v.1.2.56, v.1.4.19, v1.5.26 or higher as soon as possible and increment the updated APK version number "

I would be very grateful if anyone could help me, I have been looking for more than weeks and I have not been able to solve this problem, I am already very frustrated and discouraged by it. I wanted the help of anyone who could recompile for me
this project so that the file referring to the 'vulnerable lpng' library is updated to the requested versions. I think the problem is in the file "" in the folder "(libs / armeabi-v7a)", but I lack the knowledge to solve this unfortunately.

I am sending the link to download the project. The game file is a test that comes ready, it's not my real project, it's just to test it myself:

GameKit-Android project: ...

My email:

Once again thank you very much to whom you can give me this great help, Send me your contact and when the application receives profits I will send you a thank you in cash, it will be very well deserved! See you!
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