crash when initializing resource groups

Minor issues with the Ogre API that can be trivial to fix
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crash when initializing resource groups

Post by uzik »

If you call

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before creating a render window ogre crashes.

If a resource group contains shader source code the resource manager tries to verify that the shader is of a supported type.
Since the render system has not set the capabilities yet the second statement in the code below retrieves an uninitialized pointer and tries to use it.

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bool GpuProgramManager::isSyntaxSupported(const String& syntaxCode) const
        // Use the current render system
        RenderSystem* rs = Root::getSingleton().getRenderSystem();

        // Get the supported syntax from RenderSystemCapabilities 
        return rs->getCapabilities()->isShaderProfileSupported(syntaxCode);
I suggest a couple of asserts or exceptions that check the pointers "rs" and "rs->getCapabilities()" for sanity.
If they are invalid it might suggest to the user that they must create a valid render window before initializing the resource groups.
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Re: crash when initializing resource groups

Post by spacegaier »

Sounds reasonable. Can you please either create a JIRA ticket and link to this thread or (even better) provide a pull-request for quick merging. Thanks!
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