issue about FileStreamDataStream::eof

Minor issues with the Ogre API that can be trivial to fix
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issue about FileStreamDataStream::eof

Post by oiram »

Ogre use "while(!stream->eof())" to check end of file for serializer.
In "FileStreamDataStream::eof()", it use "return mInStream->eof()". It's not correct!
Further Reading: ... f-the-file ... s-eof-in-c ... d-eof.html

I think "return mInStream->peek() == std::istream::traits_type::eof();" to check EOF is better.
What's your advice? :)

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Re: issue about FileStreamDataStream::eof

Post by c6burns »

It's only incorrect if you try to use what came from the read operation that set the eof bit (eg. you read() and you don't call gcount() and you just blindly use the buffer you read into)

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