Is Ogre 2.0 safe to use?

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Is Ogre 2.0 safe to use?

Post by Fobaz »

I've had some experience with Ogre 1.8. Now I want to develop a game and I can't choose between 1.9 and 2.0. As I understand, 2.0 is faster, but not complete. I'd like to use 2.0 (I like new things), however, I can't find information if I should. It's okay if something doesn't work as it should.

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Re: Is Ogre 2.0 safe to use?

Post by Klaim »

If it's not released, you can't assume anything. Once it's first released, you can assume that it have some stability, but might need some fixes. If it's a x.y release with y > 1, you can assume that it's mostly bug fixed.
That's true for most libraries.

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Re: Is Ogre 2.0 safe to use?

Post by Kojack »

I've been using it for a little bit. Apart from things that aren't finished yet but planned, I've had no issues. As in no instability or other problems.
The main downside is that there's only one person in the entire world who fully understands it. :D
Those of us who usually provide help on here are kind of back to square one with everybody else as we learn how things work now.
But I haven't really done much with it yet to stress all parts of the system.

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