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Re: Porting Gorilla

Post by dark_sylinc »

I've pushed a PSO Cache Helper under the branch "2.1-pso-cache-legacy" exactly to help with projects like these.
https://bitbucket.org/sinbad/ogre/commi ... 1b2838973d

Instructions are in OgrePsoCacheHelper.h comments
  • Can anyone test it?
  • I did not test this code! At least not yet. So it's possible it could not work on first try or crash. Though unlikely because the code was very simple, but if I screwed up, it's possibly I screwed in the '<' operator or I missed some explicit padding (without it, memcmp may not work as intended due to two seemingly identical structs not being considered identical because of their padded bytes containing garbage)
  • The short term goal is that once this is ironed out, it gets into main 2.1-pso branch and then immediately after the 2.1-pso branch merges with 2.1. The lack of this functionality is the only reason the PSO and the regular branch haven't been merged yet.

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Re: Porting Gorilla

Post by SolarPortal »

i have to upgrade to the latest branches anyway, so this means i will get around to testing this in the next week or so :)

Btw, have you had any luck fixing the skeleton reloads in the app i sent you?
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