What Scene Manager/Editor should I use

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What Scene Manager/Editor should I use

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I am planning on using OGRE 2.X for an open world RPG game, and would like to know which scene manager(s) and compatible editors taht I should use. I plan to have both open terrain regions and confined dungeon spaces, and do not mind using separate editors. After looking at the various items, the default terrain manager or mydrinns manager (if its maintained) seems like the best bet, but the main choice for that, ogitor has dropped off the web. I am unsure of whether to use octree or PZCSM for the internal spaces. If it makes any difference, I am planning of using lua or squirrel for in-game scripting.

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Re: What Scene Manager/Editor should I use

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Ogre 2.1 deprecated all those managers. They were heavily bloated when compared to 2.1
There are major breaking changes between 1.x and 2.1

So, the answer is none, use the default one. As for terrain managers, none has been currently ported.
I suggest you read the manual under Docs/2.0/Ogre 2.0 Porting Manual DRAFT.odt (read it with OpenOffice or LibreOffice then export to PDF for best view; MS Word tends to screw up formatting) on what things to expect and what has changed.

Also take a look at the new samples.

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