Ogre 2.1 compiler error

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Ogre 2.1 compiler error

Post by petrotheos » Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:54 am

I am using the Windows Store dependencies.

Error C2039 'update': is not a member of 'Ogre::D3D11RenderWindowBase'. OgreD3D11RenderWindow.cpp 1528
Error C3861 'GetVersion': identifier not found. OgreD3D11RenderSystem.cpp 1943
Error C2065 'colour': undeclared identifier. OgreD3D11RenderSystem.cpp 4186
Error C2660 'ID3D11DeviceContext1::DiscardView': function does not take 2 arguments. OgreD3D11RenderSystem.cpp 4192
Error C2660 'Ogre::D3D11DepthBuffer::getDepthStencilView': function does not take 0 arguments. OgreD3D11RenderSystem.cpp 4200
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