Skeleton animated items and SceneMemoryMgrTypes

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Skeleton animated items and SceneMemoryMgrTypes

Post by TaaTT4 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:07 am

Probably a noob question (shame on me :roll:), but I'd like to be sure. Is it better to create skeleton animated items as SCENE_DYNAMIC objects, right? And what if the animation isn't enabled?
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Re: Skeleton animated items and SceneMemoryMgrTypes

Post by dark_sylinc » Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:44 am

SceneMemoryMgrTypes affects the following:
  • Derived SceneNode transforms. i.e. if you change position/rotation/scale of the SceneNode, and how it affects its children. A static node that was changed without informing Ogre means visually it won't make any impact (and may cause minor glitches if getPosition() is used because it gets out of sync with _getDerivedPosition()
  • AABB calculations. AABB needs to be moved, rotated and scaled. This directly affects frustum culling. If the AABB is not up to date, Ogre thinks the object is somewhere else while doing frustum culling
And that's it.
IIRC because Skeletons in Ogre 2.1 are not affecting the AABBs (a regression from 1.x; if the object moves too far off from the bounding box, visually it will be outside the aabb entirely), skeletons can be of SCENE_STATIC.
At least how it works now.

So yes, you can have playing animated skeletons in SCENE_STATIC.
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