Image processing using GPU

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Image processing using GPU

Post by KammutierSpule » Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:49 pm

I am not new to Ogre 2.0 but it was just a very briefly experience.

I am now looking to use Ogre 2.0 ( because of PBS ) to display the result of image processing using GPU.

The question is, should I 1) use Ogre for process ( and display) images or should I 2) use a 3rd part specialized library ( using OpenGL ) to make the processing and then use Ogre to display the results?

1) If that is possible could you point me where should I look? I did some research and didn't found anything interesting. I was looking to create my shaders with multiple render targets, etc

2) If that is possible any guidance here? It could be possible to map directly some 3rd part texture, eg OpenGL Texture ID, to Ogre, or will I need to copy it over RAM (slow) ?
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