Ogre 2+ HLMS Displacement Map Support

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Ogre 2+ HLMS Displacement Map Support

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Are displacement maps supported in Orge 2+ using the HLMS. If so, how do you implement them?

I have tried to look for information on the subject in the docs and here on the forum, but I can't seem to find much. When looking at the PBSAllSettings.json file in the DOCS folder the example PBS material doesn't include a block for the displacement texture. My guess is that it's not supported. Is this correct?

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Re: Ogre 2+ HLMS Displacement Map Support

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Yes and no. :)

HlmsPbs doesn't support displacement maps. But HLMS in general doesn't prevent it. You can write your own custom HLMS based on your own requirements. It might look scary at start but it's not THAT hard. Quite a few people on the forum did that, there are a few examples.

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