[2.2] Shader compile error with alpha test shadow caster

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[2.2] Shader compile error with alpha test shadow caster

Post by al2950 » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:59 pm


There is a bug in HLMS PBS which means the num_samplers property is not set, but num_textures is, if there is a alpha test texture on a shadow caster. This causes Dx shaders to fail to compile. The simple fix was to add the following to calculateHashForPreCaster

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            if( datablock->mSamplersDescSet )
                setProperty( PbsProperty::NumSamplers, datablock->mSamplersDescSet->mSamplers.size() );
I have created a PR here

Also if you could have a quick look at my other simple PR, it would be appreciated :D
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