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minimum set of resource files

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:23 pm
by bayoubengal

after a long hiatus of working on my project, I am back on it. I had long list of priority bugs to get fixed in other things. :)

I'm working on integrating ogre (2.1 branch) into my desktop app. I have a window drawing content, but I've thrown in the entire set of resources from the sample apps. I need to prune out all the stuff that I don't need from the resources...particularly the "Hlms" folder. I have already worked out that I need VertexShader_vs/PixelShader_ps files for .metal and .glsl. What else do I need out of "Hlms" in to get the system minimally up and running?


Re: minimum set of resource files

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 4:52 pm
by dark_sylinc
It depends on the Hlms implementations you're going to use.
If you use the standard ones i.e. PBS & Unlit; then you'll need everything that is inside the Hlms folder except for these folders:
  • PbsMobile
  • UnlitMobile
  • Terra
If you don't need a particular RenderSystem e.g. you'll never target Metal, then you can delete everything that has a *.metal extension.

The CMake script in Samples/2.0/Tutorials/EmptyProject/CMake/Dependencies/OGRE.cmake can help you copy all the needed Hlms templates to a data folder. See Speeding things Up.
Relevant bit:

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message( STATUS "Copying Hlms data files from Ogre repository" )
file( COPY "${OGRE_SOURCE}/Samples/Media/Hlms/Common"	DESTINATION "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/bin/Data/Hlms" )
file( COPY "${OGRE_SOURCE}/Samples/Media/Hlms/Pbs"		DESTINATION "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/bin/Data/Hlms" )
file( COPY "${OGRE_SOURCE}/Samples/Media/Hlms/Unlit"	DESTINATION "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/bin/Data/Hlms" )
It will also copy everything that is inside Samples/Media/2.0/scripts/materials/Common which contains very useful materials (HDR, basic postprocessing scripts); but are not strictly necessary; and also copy Samples/Media/packs/ which is also not strictly necessary but very useful (due to Sphere1000 and Cube_d meshes useful for debugging).


Re: minimum set of resource files

Posted: Wed Mar 06, 2019 8:49 pm
by bayoubengal
thanks. I have it running.