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I made an Ogre mesh viewer based on 2.1 branch

Posted: Fri May 31, 2019 5:42 am
by chchwy
Hi guys,

I want to share with you an Ogre Mesh viewer based on the 2.1 branch.

Please download the mesh viewer from
Only Windows version available at the moment.


  • Load Ogre v2, v1, xml meshes with HLMS materials.
  • Import Wavefront Obj and save as Ogre Meshes
  • Import glTF 2.0 models and save as Ogre Meshes
    - It's not perfect yet, some glTF models appear black or have flat materials
  • Show scene hierarchy
  • Basic HLMS editing
    - Texture: diffuse, background diffuse, normal, roughness, metalness
    - Transparent value and mode
    - Solid or wireframe
    - Two-sided on/off
  • Scene node editing:
    - Position, rotation and scale
    - Show/hide bounding boxes
    - Switch visibility
  • Batch conversion tool from obj => .mesh
Source code is available here:

Any contributions or bug reports are most welcome.

Thank spookyboo for making Magus Toolkit, I used it to create the very first version of this viewer.
Thank Ybalrid for making the awesome glTF plugin.
Thanks to the community for the amazing works.

Re: I made an Ogre mesh viewer based on 2.1 branch

Posted: Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:40 am
by Lax
Cool looks great!
I can use that well. Especially the obj to Ogre conversion.

Best Regards