RTT are not binded correctly (regression)

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RTT are not binded correctly (regression)

Post by ChicChic » Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:16 am

I have a problem of Ogre behavior between commit 5b64b02861840e3990d3fb258c40b74680c91ced (2018/04/20) and 28b2f67da67a4f54625298bc38e653e7dc8ae976 (2019/07/14) of the v2.1 branch.

My software is rendering different camera (say 4) at different position/orientation of my scene by RenderTexture
Then, I download the content by using Ogre::RenderTexture::copyContentsToMemory
When I ran the commit 5b64b02861840e3990d3fb258c40b74680c91ced (the oldest) everything work fine: my images represent the good point of view

But when I use the newest commit (28b2f67da67a4f54625298bc38e653e7dc8ae976), downloading the content of all RTT gives me a copy of the last camera's RenderTexture rendered in the main render loop.

Strange things :
- When I use RenderWindows instead of RTT it works good
- When I use different resolution for my RenderTextures it work goods too
- When my RTT runs at different frequencies (ie unsynchronized, say [10, 20, 40, 50] Hz), the RTT are sometime binded to the good POV (if they are "alone" in the render loop) and sometime not (same problem: a copy of the last RTT rendered)

I have analyzed the differences between those commits but I haven't found any hint

I use Ogre 2.1 under linux with an NVIDIA GPU / OpenGL3+

(Problems also occur at commit e4f8245a654e9cf6ea599cf0e358ae5212a46522 (intermediate) but I don't know from where/when exactly it appeared)
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