Multiple directional PSSM shadows

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Multiple directional PSSM shadows

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Hi Ogre devs,

I've made a patch for Ogre 2.1 (from commit 02b4345b37c4aa36496ceb2c918bcba7d0be391a) where I have added the possibility to have multiple PSSM directional shadow for the needs of my software.

Everything that have been tested works : only PSSM, only focused, mixed PSSM and focused. tested under Linux GLSL...
What have not been tested but updated and might work : others than GLSL (GLSLES, HLSL, Metal), Terra

Limitations :
- all directional pssm lights must (will...) share the same settings (split number and parameters)
- pssm must be declared prior to the others directional shadows in the compositor (just like before I guess)

I don't know how to do a pull request :roll: , so I push the work here, feel free to use it !
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