[News] HLMS / PBS + Online Editor sponsored by CodeRabbit

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[News] HLMS / PBS + Online Editor sponsored by CodeRabbit

Post by spacegaier »

Hello everybody, Murat (wolfmanfx) here:

Last year at CodeRabbit GmbH (my own company), we started a project called “Distributed Viewer”.

Distributed Viewer is an editor where users can upload models and edit materials in real time from any browser and instantly preview the changes not only in the browser, but also in all connected devices such as desktop PCs, Android and iOS devices at the same time.

Early in the development cycle we have realized that the current Ogre material system was too limiting and too complicated to do something like this. So after many discussions we came to the point where we decided to fund the initial development of the Ogre HLMS “High Level Material System”. More details about the HLMS can be found in this post from Matias.

With HLMS in our bag we have created PBS (Physically Based Shading) materials for the uploaded models. Our PBS shader is based on this moving-frostbite-to-pbr (the HLMS files will be released with the upcoming backport). The following image shows a screenshot from the material designer.

Full blog post with more details + first screenshots: http://www.ogre3d.org/2015/02/10/hlms-p ... abbit-gmbh
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Re: [News] HLMS / PBS + Online Editor sponsored by CodeRabbi

Post by al2950 »

:shock: Ah ha, the mystery sponsor :D

This looks very cool. Although the blog seems to have missed out specular maps, was this intentional? specular is quite important for PBS :wink:

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Re: [News] HLMS / PBS + Online Editor sponsored by CodeRabbi

Post by Wolfmanfx »

No its in :). In theory all assets made for PBS for unity3d (as an example) should be useable with our shaders (which we will release soon they are bit different from the current HLMS one).

I see in the screenshot many things are not shown from editor ui.

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Re: [News] HLMS / PBS + Online Editor sponsored by CodeRabbi

Post by frostbyte »

:shock: Ah ha, the mystery sponsor :D
haha, if i would know that it's one of the ogre team i would'nt have rant about problems with open-source and external sponsors... :oops:
wolfmanfx and dark_sylinc...you're the heros of the day...
so many good news...its getting hard to follow :D
first ogre gets emscripted then sceneManager improvments now hlms_azdo with backporting to 1.10....thats great news...
also the PBS editor is great news and looks very cool and useful , hope it becomes super popular...
noob question: are there any standards of PBS material or are you going to have exporters to major platform( unreal/unity/frostbite etc )?

pulling rabbits out of the hat...open sorcery...
thanks for all...it's very inspiring... :)
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and miles to code before i sleep..

coolest videos link( two minutes paper )...

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