Ogre 1.10 User Survey Results

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Re: Ogre 1.10 User Survey Results

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replies to some of the free-form answers:
Book for beginners
the books referenced here still apply for 1.10 (except for OIS and ApplicationFramework). E.g OGRE 3D 1.7 Beginner’s Guide
All samples use BITES, and I don't want to, which causes me to have to re-implement a lot of boilerplate.
Bites was introduced to avoid boilerplate code, so there you go..
There's also little guidance on consuming it in other projects with CMAKE.
poor add-on porting from 1.9, like SkyX. A graphics engine as this level should have volumetric cloud and sky system out of the box.
This is a community project, so feel free to step-up and do the implementation/ porting.
6 months official release cycle is needed at least.
we have a 1 year release cycle for the major i.e. 1.x version with intermediate 1.10.y releases.
Out of date documentation should be archived and replaced with always up to date documentation.
The wiki is huge, so this is an ongoing effort. As a rule of thumb the documentation at https://ogrecave.github.io/ogre/api/1.10/index.html is in lock-step with the release.
Adopt STL in full. Don't add scaffolding or wrappers (e.g. OGREStrings).
Ogre::String is just a typedef for std::string. While not really needed it allows to swap out the string implementation in Ogre.
Modern c++. I think c++11 should be available on all platforms.
will be in 1.11

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