True 3D Support

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Should OGRE be True 3D compliant?

No, REAL 3D is just a 50's fad!
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True 3D Support

Post by soniCron »

Hello all,
I have yet to actually start developing with OGRE, but I'm quite excited about it! One quick question: How does the engine perform with true 3D displays? (ie. 3D glasses, 3D LCD, etc) I know it sounds a little silly, but as far as support goes, nVidia is pumping up for the future of 3D graphics (REAL 3D, that is! :D) with their stereo display drivers. There are others as well, of course. I don't see why this engine shouldn't be good to look at with a true 3D display (don't know if it is or not). Reason I bring this up is because a lot of problems have arisen in the past with regards to older 3D games that don't display the scenes correctly (especially in regard to billboards, for example). Any thoughts or evaluations with 3D devices and the effectiveness of OGRE on them? Any thoughts to some sort of compliance?


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Post by sinbad »

A couple of people have already tried this with varying success. Given the very small niche this occupies as regards hardware on peoples desks, it's a low priority for us.

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Post by Dan »

that could be cool, but i think that 3d projectors are better and awsome for example you could have a 3d projected video game in an arcade!
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Post by Kencho »

Well, I think that the usual red-blue glasses are a nice approach, as far as the polygon load is the half (or lesser), and a render to texture from two different cameras is done (then apply a color filter, and blend them). I don't think this is so hard.... :?

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Post by DaZMaN »

Go do Kencho :-D May the force be with you...
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Post by Lester »

This would of course be a cool thing to have. But I think the dev team's time is better spent on other features right now. Like... shadows?

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