Portals again

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Would using multiple scene managers linked with portals make your OGRE project better?

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Portals again

Post by Krystal »

I'm planning to port a game I started with Crystal Space to OGRE because the CS project has lost focus as most of its developers seem to be currently focusing on everything other than fixing and updating their rendering engine. My main problem is that portals are an essential part of my game and OGRE does not currently support that feature.

I've read 33 previous forum discussions that touch on the benefits of using portals to link multiple scene managers together for efficient rendering of different types of scenes. It seems that many people would find portals useful and a brave few have tried to implement a solution.

Has anyone succeeded in doing a master scene manager that controls and links other child scene managers via portals? If so please share what you've learned with the rest of us. Also, I was wondering if this feature is being worked on or at least planned for a future version of the OGRE core?

I'm somewhat hesitant to attempt implementing portals because so many others have tried and seem to have failed since none shared the outcomes of their attempts.

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Post by Kencho »

I worked with CS some time ago, so I'll try to answer you.

Just try to port your project to Ogre. Your maps ahve protals, so you should remove them, but you don't want. Well, if you want to use multiple scene managers, you should define each the scene manager for each sector (I don't remember if this was the name in CS), which is approximately the same as removing protals.

If you try to use multiple scene managers at once, you will need to do lots of work! Just make some performance tests, and see if you can use one scene manager of the already existent, as you'll save lots of work, and will work on stable and well designed parts.

This is just my opinion, and what I would do (i.e: In one project I was making with CS, I noticed it was better to use the octree scene manager of ogre, instead of the annoying portals of CS...). Now, the decision is yours. ;)

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