Allow calling of destroyAllCameras when using Shadow Texture

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Allow calling of destroyAllCameras when using Shadow Texture

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Ok, the problem I have is when I manually call destroyAllCameras on a Scene Manager. This function destroys the cameras, and clears the lists mCameras, mCamVisibleObjectsMap and ShadowCamLightMapping. However the list mShadowTextureCameras is not cleared. It causes problem when you do have Shadow Textures, as it uses invalid pointers.

I also found no way of manually clearing the mShadowTextureCameras list, or forcing the recreation of the cameras. The call to destroyShadowTextures before destroyAllCameras could possibly work, but it is a protected function.

I know in the API it says not to call that method, but since the functions to destroy / recreate the shadow camera already exists, it shouldn't be hard to expose them.

I would like to have a feature to either clear all cameras but the shadow texture ones, or at least a function to force the recreation of these shadow cameras / textures.


- Matt Stevens

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