Resource memory mapped

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Resource memory mapped

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I want to include resource files directly in .exe like static data. For example myfont.ttf, plane.mesh, texture.jpg, etc. Something like that...

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char* myfont_ttf_mapped_file = "Z:\\memory_partition\\myfont.ttf";
unsigned char[] myfont_ttf_data = {234, 43, 1, 36, 78, 200, ...};
site_t myfont_ttf_size_in_bytes = 55432; 


Ogre::FontPtr new_font;


By this way we'll can distribute our applications with the problem of altering program execution by the user. Any idea? Can Ogre do it? is planned for future versions?

Thanks a million!

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Post by sinbad »

Another way is to create your own Archive class which exposes resources embedded statically, or use ResourceLoadingListener to intercept resource requests and to serve up streams on memory areas.

So yes, you can do it already, and there are lots of options.

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