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Fixed case-sensivity of libOIS.a for Mac OS 10.5

Posted: Sun Dec 28, 2008 11:36 am
by ShaiShasag
I have just downloaded OgreSDK 1.6 to my Mac OS 10.5 MacIntel.
The examples do not link because they fail to find libOIS.a, the reason for this is that the file system on my machine is case sensitive and so libois.a (the library name on disk) and libOIS.a (the library name in the project) do not match.
The solution is to refer to the OIS library in a case-sensitive consistent manner. It will probably be easier to change the sample projects than to change the way the library in compiled.

I found some other minor issues with the Sample.xcodeproj Xcode project. Attached is the fixed project.

Shai Shasag