[Solved] Radians to Float in Math::ATan

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[Solved] Radians to Float in Math::ATan

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Hello folks,

Quick request, and non-critical, but thought I'ld add it in here in case someone gets around to it.

I've been using Ogre3d to model orbits and had a bit of trouble with Ogre::Math::ATan. The problem was, ATan returns Ogre::Math::Radians, and there's no way to typecast to float. Of course the solution for me was just to use the standard math.h atan function....which served the purpose. But it might be a nice feature to add for those of us who need the flexibility.

Again, probably not the most critical of requests, but putting it in here mostly for completion sake. Thanks all, and keep up the good work.

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Re: Radians to Float in Math::ATan

Post by Kojack »

Radians have a method called valueRadians() which returns the radian as a float.
(There's also valueDegrees() which converts to degrees and returns it as a float)

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