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Base core material(s)

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 8:04 am
by ShadeOgre
I want to change the WireBoundingBox's material to BBox shows at call: SceneNode::showBoundingBox. I dug into the code and I found it uses (regular) BaseWhiteNoLighting - set in it's( WireBoundingBox's) constructor, then I cannot get the WireBoundingBox of the SceneNode from outside the class.

So the problem is: if I want to change the material of the WBB I have to modify ogre's code.

It would be nice if I could define basic material names for Ogre core stuffs (e.g. for WBBox), and also should allow to change it per object (maybe a function to SceneNode::setWireBoundingBoxMaterial(), or simply getWireBoundingBox() then set it).

Are there any solutions already or planned to solve the issue?