Method to destroy loaded scripts

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Method to destroy loaded scripts

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Hello, i'm not sure if i'm posting in the correct forum.
I have a lot of problems trying to load and destroy overlays, and after posting in the help forum and looking post and the code of Ogre it seems there is no way to delete loaded scripts (at least .overlay), the only way is to call OverlayManager::getSingleton().destroyAll(), that clears the loadedScripts vector.
I finally decide to define my overlays in a xml format and create them via code in order to load/destroy them when I need.
Will be very interesting the creation of a method in OverlayManager to release a script in particular (maybe using Overlay->getOrigin() or the file name).
I put here my the links to my post in help and another one to helps me understand how it works: ... 85#p370185

Thank you very much, and sorry if this is not the correct forum for this kind of topics and for my poor english.

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