Compositor render_quad Z coordinate

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Compositor render_quad Z coordinate

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I have a target_output which is a target pass, and it has many passes inside it.

One of the passes is render_quad. I have another pass (render_custom) rendering manual geometry.

I ran into problems because render_quad renders at the near clip plane, e.g. it has Z coordinate -1. So, the only way to render on top of it was to render also on exactly Z =- 1 and render after it, otherwise the quad would cover all my custom rendering, regardless of rendering order.

However more convenient would be to have parameters for these render_quad quads, as I walked through what it does and it simply creates a Rectangle which even has such thing as offset in the Z direction - that is simply not available through compositor scripts.

So if I would like to fix this in general case I couldn't use the render_quad at all, I would instead have to mimick it in my render_custom. Moreover as this -1 placement is not documented anywhere it causes a lot of headache to figure out why I can't see my custom stuff.

I figure one could render the quad with material to disable depth testing. It's using identity projection/view so I figure for that case -1 is the near clip plane. Correct me if I'm wrong. Whether that is or isn't the case, I can't see why -1 is even a reasonable default.

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