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Let SimpleRenderable use the render priority

Post by Souvarine »

Hi everyone.

I've made my own class deriving from SimpleRenderable and after wasting about one hour trying to understand why the render queue priority didn't have any effect on it I found this into Ogre's code

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void SimpleRenderable::_updateRenderQueue(RenderQueue* queue)
    queue->addRenderable(this, mRenderQueueID, OGRE_RENDERABLE_DEFAULT_PRIORITY); 
Is there any reason why all SimpleRenderable must use the default priority ?

I did this in my derived class and it works just fine.

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void SpriteRenderable::_updateRenderQueue(Ogre::RenderQueue* queue)
    queue->addRenderable(this, mRenderQueueID, mRenderQueuePriority);
Also, I think a getter for mRenderQueuePriority in MovableObject class would be useful.

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Re: Let SimpleRenderable use the render priority

Post by JamesAMD »

Thank you ! You just saved me from additional few hours(or days) of headache. You sir, are my hero.
I'm not sure why this is not fixed even in 1.9.0.

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Re: Let SimpleRenderable use the render priority

Post by paroj »

fixed in 1.10. next time open an issue: https://ogre3d.atlassian.net/projects/OGRE/issues

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