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support glRaw

Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:36 pm
by RandomCitizen
There's a Library allowing to load tetxures from an openGL native texture format - to hae an dds equivalent of directX for openGL.

I think it would be nice if ogre would support this texture format. ... eprecated/

Re: support glRaw

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:06 pm
by DarioOli
I implemented a KTX loader for my purposes (KTX is equipollent to dds, but have an open specification on khronos site). I could add it, but I fear that will be working only for OpenGL drivers (well including GLES). it may be possible that with some work it could be tweaked to read also for DX drivers ^^ (probably have to trial and error to see if DXT data need some special reordering for DX or not).. Also: certain compressed formats works only on certain devices.

Seems that KTX is not very used because no famous tool support it (nor Blender or Gimp) and because most people is happy enough with jpg and png despite glRaw, KTX has a official specification and more than one implementation (there's official implementation in C, mine implementation in C++ and several implementations for other languages including Java and C#).

KTX provide enough genericity to setup a texture unit in a complete way, but that is done directly without the creation of an image first (especially if the image is compressed with something like DXT or 3STC).

Re: support glRaw

Posted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 3:17 am
by dark_sylinc
[s]I don't see this happening soon. DDS provides what is needed and is not really tied to DirectX at all. There's also no benefit on using ktx over dds (unless we were starting from scratch with no dds loader written yet, which isn't our case)
And as said, DDS has much more tool support.[/s]

Update: Scratch that, DDS doesn't have support for compressed formats like those needed by mobile (ETCn, PVRTC, etc). Support for it will be evaluated.

Re: support glRaw

Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 7:35 am
by Wolfmanfx
we have already support for that codecs on mobile rendersystems.