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[2.x] dx9 opengl 2 is actual

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:05 am
by Kohedlo
[2.x] dx9 opengl 2 is actual


Аfter year for porting my project from v1 to v2 (we write half millione code lines for this), is аctuаl next:

-dx9 аnd opengl2 renderers. Many Notebooks and PCs is old.
- gles
- webgl.

For this i need write 1 mln lines for аdding second v1ogre.

I see dx11 ogre renderer have also dx9 minimal.
If "strug" dх11 renderer plugin for minimal reqs?

Re: [2.x] dx9 opengl 2 is actual

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 6:07 pm
by dark_sylinc
Your english is hard to understand so I'll try to guess what you meant:

You're asking for Ogre 2.1:
  • What about GLES support?
  • What about WebGL support?
  • What about D3D9 support?
  • What about D3D11 level 9.x support?
If those are the questions then I'll reply:

1. What about GLES support?
The plan is to eventually fix the now-broken GLES2 renderer, supporting both GLES2 and 3. However the idea for GLES2 is to support it for compatibility since it's a very retarded API but sadly present in millions of Android devices that isn't suited for high performance. So the focus will be more about compatibility and stability rather than performance (it should be faster than it was in Ogre 1.x anyway). There may be other limitations I can't predict yet.
With GLES3, it should be much easier to run performance oriented mobile applications.

2. What about WebGL support?
Once GLES2 is ready, WebGL should be a piece of cake because it's 99% similar to GLES2.
Murat is the one versed in setting the emscripten environment.

3. What about D3D9 support?
There is no plan to support D3D9. It might be possible for someone to revive it by reusing whatever workarounds we'll write for GLES2 to run with Ogre 2.1.
But most of the team isn't thrilled about D3D9 anymore, only Assaf still cares. You may be able to convince him.
Though until GLES2 isn't ready, I'd hold D3D9 support.

4. What about D3D11 level 9.x support?
It's not a priority. Again, it may get easier to support it using the same paths we'll write for GLES2. But D3D11 level 9.x is a special snowflake very hard to deal with (it imposes stupid restrictions HW didn't have, it doesn't map well to GLES2 nor D3D9. Things would've been much easier if level 9.2 == Shader Model 2.x; level 9.3 == Shader Model 3.0; but no... they mixed things and got the worst of all worlds).
The hopes really is that by the time we reach to this point, level 9.x hardware support would become irrelevant.

Re: [2.x] dx9 opengl 2 is actual

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 12:49 pm
by Kohedlo

Its close аsked matter.

Рrobably l cаn be usеful for ogrе project or ogre community аlso. In next years, i think works with clаsic 3d АРIs аnd receive more education, аnd rise my livel of quality.

Re: [2.x] dx9 opengl 2 is actual

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:51 pm
by Kohedlo
some user say that can make path from github project, that lowgrade 2.1 opengl or dx11 to old cpus.

I think need be everything.

And need only change render system, among depricating all technology.

Re: [2.x] dx9 opengl 2 is actual

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 2:12 am
by frostbyte
opengl es3/es2 beta for ogre 2.1 is now public ... 079263c58c
you can try to use it with googles angle project( run es3/es2 on top of dx9 )