Camera getDerivedOrientation() not working with Autotracking

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Camera getDerivedOrientation() not working with Autotracking

Post by al2950 »

Firstly appologies if this is not a bug and just me being stupid, please delete/move if needed!

I need to know the cameras Derived Orientation (for use in Hydrax) however if autotracking is enabled the getDerivedOrientation() method in Ogre::Camera always returns an IDENTITY Quaternion. This does not seem correct/desirable behaviour to me.

P.S Using Ogre 1.7
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tuan kuranes
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Re: Camera getDerivedOrientation() not working with Autotrac

Post by tuan kuranes »

I would say that if "camera->getParentSceneNode->getDerivedOrientation()" doesn't give the good orientation either, that means it just lacks an update ( like SceneNode::update(true, true) )
Otherwise that might be a bug indeed.

Best would be to do a step by step debug inside camera getDerivedOrientation() and see where it gets its derived information from ?
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