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BUG: WindowEventUtilities::messagePump

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:45 am
by stealth977

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void WindowEventUtilities::messagePump()
	// Windows Message Loop (NULL means check all HWNDs belonging to this context)
	MSG  msg;
	while( PeekMessage( &msg, NULL, 0U, 0U, PM_REMOVE ) )
		TranslateMessage( &msg );
		DispatchMessage( &msg );
Embedded code to show whats wrong:
1 - Definition of messagePump says that it processes messages of REGISTERED WINDOWS (here registered means the ones created by OGRE, not the external handles)
2 - LINUX and MAC specific code correctly checks ONLY REGISTERED WINDOWS (well am not a linux/mac expert, thats as far as i can understand)
3 - As you see above, windows specific code PEEKS ALL WINDOW MESSAGES, containing UNREGISTERED WINDOWS (externals)

So, if i have a custom window and an ogre window, calling messagepump to process OGRE Window's messages screws my custom windows message processing. To make it more clear, if you have an external window running in lets say Qt, and another preview window created by OGRE, the window created by ogre becomes unresponsive if you dont call WindowEventUtilities::messagePump(), but if you do, then your Qt window can no longer process its own messages.

It would be great if someone fixed the code to only process messages of registered windows.

Re: BUG: WindowEventUtilities::messagePump

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:27 am
by urosidoki
I am really interested on this post, since I got the feeling I had the same problem when I am embedding ogre in Qt.

Any idea about how to make it work properly?

PD: I have to say that when I removed from my game engine _swapAllRenderTargetBuffers it starts to render something in the Qt app, the problem is that is really really slow.

Re: BUG: WindowEventUtilities::messagePump

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 2:45 am
by Owen
The Way of Win32 is that all windows should process messages entirely inside their WndProc. Your code should be designed such that it doesn't explode when other people pump messages. In particular, if you don't follow this, then your code will explode at random when various parts of the Windows libraries (Mostly shell32, especially COM, also a few bits of user32) start pumping messages.

If you are using Qt, it also pumps messages indiscriminately of window. You shouldn't need to call WindowEventUtilities::messagePump() unless your Qt window and Ogre window are on separate threads (and in that case the event queues are separate anyway, also note that this will make your code unportable)

Note that the Mac code seems to do nothing in the case of Cocoa (That actually looks like a bug - it'll never pump messages). Note that the closest you can do on Cocoa is CFRunLoopRunInMode(kCFRunLoopDefaultMode, 0, TRUE), which will process messages for all windows.

This should probably be considered a documentation bug

Re: BUG: WindowEventUtilities::messagePump

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:18 am
by masterfalcon
The Cocoa case is not a bug. We don't need to poll for or explicitly pump messages because they are delivered to us automatically by the OS.

Re: BUG: WindowEventUtilities::messagePump

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:35 pm
by dark_sylinc
mmmmmmm....... theoretically if one passes the HWND of our registered windows, we would only process the windows Ogre owns.
That's not a simple task though (but not very hard either).