[D3D9] Switch monitor/fsaa without restarting application

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[D3D9] Switch monitor/fsaa without restarting application

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I know that switching monitor in fullscreen mode without reinitializing the rendersystem has to be possible, because you can do it indirectly by switching to windowed, dragging the window to the other monitor and then switching to fullscreen again, but Ogre doesn't expose a method to do this directly, at least that I've found.

Can we discuss how to do this?

PS: Here's how to make Ogre change FSAA on the fly on D3D, btw.

Just add this method to Ogre::D3D9RenderWindow:

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		void setFSAA(unsigned int fsaa){
			mFSAA = fsaa;
Then one can just cast to D3D9RenderWindow* and no need to touch the generic interface. Maybe this cannot be done in opengl but IMHO we shouldn't cripple render systems just because other render systems cannot have some features.

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